[SPOTIFY] No More Free Lyrics_ Spotify Restricts Song Words for Non-Paying Users

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[SPOTIFY] No More Free Lyrics_ Spotify Restricts Song Words for Non-Paying Users

You’re enjoying your favorite playlist, singing along loudly. Then, the next song starts playing and you notice you don’t know the lyrics. Why is that? It seems Spotify has been limiting free users’ access to full lyrics, hoping you’ll upgrade to Premium. It’s a clever move by Spotify, but don’t stress—you still have choices. Read on to learn how to maintain your karaoke fun, with or without a Spotify subscription.

Spotify Removes Lyrics for Non-Paying Users

Spotify users who don’t pay for Premium recently encountered a surprise. The company took away lyrics from the free version of the app, making them only available to Premium subscribers.

Why the change?

Spotify probably wants more people to upgrade to Spotify Premium, which offers no ads and high-definition audio quality. This change might encourage free users to pay for the extra benefits.

Spotify Premium costs $9.99 a month. By making lyrics available only to paying users, Spotify might convince some free users to upgrade.

How are users reacting?

Many free Spotify users are upset about the change and have voiced their frustration on social media. They see lyrics as a key feature, and losing them feels like a step backward. On the other hand, some analysts believe this move is smart for Spotify’s profits and could lead to more Premium subscriptions in the long term.

What can free users do? If you need lyrics, there are some choices for free users. They can pay for Spotify Premium, use a different free music service like YouTube Music or Pandora that has lyrics, or look up lyrics through third-party apps. Popular lyric apps and sites include Genius, Musixmatch, and Shazam.

While hiding lyrics might upset some users, Spotify is a business that needs more paid subscribers to thrive and expand. Free users have to choose whether to pay for Premium or find other sources for their favorite song lyrics. In the competitive streaming music market, Spotify must use creative methods to turn free listeners into paying customers. Removing lyrics is their newest approach, whether people like it or not.

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Why Spotify Limits Lyrics Access

Increasing Paid Subscriptions

Spotify aims to make money, as it is a business. By restricting lyrics access for free users, Spotify wants to persuade more people to purchase a paid subscription. For $9.99 a month, you receive an ad-free experience and full lyrics access to all songs in Spotify’s library. For regular users, the extra features of a paid plan might justify the cost.

Honoring Licensing Agreements

Spotify has agreements with music labels and publishers to stream songs and show lyrics. These deals may require Spotify to display lyrics only to paying subscribers. By limiting lyrics to paid plans, Spotify follows these agreements. Ignoring them could hurt relationships with content providers or cause legal problems.

Enhancing the Listening Experience

Paying subscribers benefit from immediate access to lyrics while listening to songs on Spotify. There’s no need to search for lyrics on other websites or apps. Everything you need is right there in the Spotify app.

Free users might eventually find the lack of lyrics annoying and decide to upgrade to a premium plan for more convenience and enjoyment.

Spotify’s strategy makes sense from a business standpoint, but some users think lyrics are a crucial part of the music experience and should be free for everyone. Unless public opinion changes Spotify’s policy or music licensing changes, lyrics will probably stay a premium feature for now.

The Perks of Spotify Premium

No Ads During Listening

Spotify Premium offers all the music and podcasts you want without any ad interruptions. You won’t have to deal with annoying commercials breaking up your music or podcast enjoyment.

You’ll get a seamless and uninterrupted listening experience.

Play What You Want, When You Want

Want to check out a new album as soon as it drops or listen to an old favorite? With Spotify Premium, you can stream any song, album, or playlist on demand. You aren’t stuck with shuffle play or needing an internet connection. Explore Spotify’s huge catalog and listen to your favorites whenever you feel like it.

Better Sound Quality

Spotify Premium streams music at 320kbps, giving you high-quality audio. Your music will sound crisp, clear, and similar to CD quality. You’ll hear every note and lyric with enhanced quality, making your listening experience better.

Save Your Music Offline

Spotify Premium lets you download your favorite songs, albums, and podcasts for offline listening. This is great when you have no internet, like on a plane or train. You can store up to 10,000 songs on each device.

Your downloads stay on your device until you remove them, so you can always have a library of music with you.

Early Access to Exclusive Content

Spotify often launches albums and singles on the platform first. With a Premium subscription, you get early access to this content, especially for new releases from rising artists. You might even get invites to special album listening events. Premium also offers behind-the-scenes content like video interviews and live sessions with your favorite artists.

In the end, Spotify Premium offers a complete and enhanced listening experience for any music lover. The free version is great for casual listening, but serious music fans will find the extra perks of a paid subscription worth the monthly fee.

How to Get Lyrics Without Paying

Find Free Lyrics on Other Streaming Platforms

If Spotify doesn’t offer lyrics, don’t stress—you have other choices. Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music give free access to lyrics with many songs. Their selections might vary from Spotify’s, but you can find lyrics for most popular tracks across these services.

Look Up Lyrics Online

You can find lyrics for free on many websites. Sites like Genius, MetroLyrics, AZLyrics, and SongMeanings offer a large selection of song lyrics.

Just search for the song title and artist, and the lyrics should appear. These sites may also provide insight into the meaning and context of the lyrics to help you understand the song better.

Add a Lyrics Extension

If you want to keep using Spotify but still want lyrics, try installing an extension. Musixmatch and Genius Lyrics are popular Chrome extensions that show lyrics for songs playing on Spotify.

The lyrics appear directly in the Spotify window, so you don’t have to search elsewhere. These extensions use different APIs to bring you the lyrics you need.

Find and Save Lyrics Manually

If all else fails, you can manually search and download lyrics to view while listening to Spotify. Look up lyrics on one of the sites mentioned earlier, copy the text, and paste it into a document on your device. Save the file with the song title and artist for easy access when you listen to that song. This requires effort to create a lyrics library, but it ensures you have the words available.

Spotify may encourage paying for lyrics to get users to upgrade to Premium. However, you can find the lyrics you need for free using other streaming services, lyrics websites, browser extensions, or by downloading them yourself. Don’t let the paywall stop you from enjoying your favorite tunes!

FAQs About Spotify’s Lyrics Policy

Why did Spotify stop providing lyrics?

Spotify took away lyrics from free users to add more benefits for paid subscribers. By placing lyrics behind a paywall, Spotify hopes to persuade more free users to switch to a paid subscription. With Spotify Premium, you get an ad-free experience, better audio quality, and now full access to lyrics for a monthly fee.

Can I see lyrics without a subscription?

If you use Spotify’s free version, you can’t access lyrics anymore. Spotify has limited lyrics to paid subscribers as a perk for upgrading. The only way to see lyrics is to subscribe to Spotify Premium.

What if I was using the lyrics feature before?

If you were using the lyrics feature on Spotify’s free tier, you probably noticed it went away suddenly. Spotify didn’t announce the change or warn users in advance. Many free users are upset by the sudden removal of lyrics. However, Spotify hopes this loss will encourage more free users to subscribe to get the feature back.

Are lyrics available for all songs?

No, Spotify doesn’t offer lyrics for every song. The platform works with Musixmatch to provide lyrics for many songs, but not all. Most mainstream and popular music has lyrics available, but some older, lesser-known, or non-English songs may not have lyrics. Even for paid users, there’s no guarantee every song will have lyrics. Musixmatch is always working to grow its lyrics database.

What can I do if I don’t want to pay for Spotify Premium?

If losing lyrics access has made you want to leave Spotify but you don’t want to pay, you have some choices:

  • Try a free music streaming service like YouTube Music, which offers lyrics for many songs.
  • Look up lyrics on a third-party website or app like Genius, AZLyrics, or Musixmatch.
  • Upload your music library to another free platform like Deezer, which might offer different lyrics policies.
  • Consider switching to a paid service like Apple Music or Tidal, both of which offer lyrics to subscribers.

To sum up, Spotify now limits lyrics to paid users, but you can still find free lyrics for your favorite songs elsewhere. If budget is a concern, other music streaming services might offer better options with more open access to lyrics and features.


So, there you have it. Spotify is trying new ways to make you pay. Limiting lyrics is their latest move to turn free users into paying customers. Will it work? Time will tell. But it’s clear that the days of free, easy access to your favorite lyrics on Spotify are ending. The streaming service wants your money and is gradually removing free features.

You can’t fault their strategy; Spotify needs to earn revenue somehow. For now, keep Shazam and Genius apps nearby. If you really miss the lyrics, it might be time to upgrade to Premium. The choice is yours.

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