Spotify added new features to Share Songs and Podcasts Easily

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Spotify added new features to Share Songs and Podcasts Easily
Spotify New Features Podcast Timestamps

Hey Guys, welcome to In this article, I will talk about Spotify’s New Canvas and Podcast Timestamps Sharing features that make sharing songs easier on Instagram. So let’s begin.

Timestamp Sharing

On May 10, 2021, Spotify added some new features to make songs and podcasts sharing much easier than early days. In a blog post, Spotify introduced a new podcast timestamp feature, which allows the listener to share the favorite part of a podcast and songs. Just play, click and share the link with your friends, family, and fans through social media accounts.

In previous days, you can actually share the particular podcast link which does not indicate your favorite part of the track. “You share an entire episode of that podcast which starts from the beginning.”

But now, you have an option of a podcast timestamp sharing feature. Which allows users to share the important or favorite part of a podcast by generating a “single-click link.”

All that means, you can actually share the exact part of a podcast, which you want to inform with the sharing person. The podcast timestamp generating link doesn’t start from the beginning. It only starts from your favorite part, which you want to inform that person. 

Play the podcast, come to that important part, tap the “share” button while listening, and now use the “switch to share” feature for current playtime. Then send the lovable part through your social media handles. Receivers click the link, and they directly jump to that important part of your podcast. 

Spotify Canvas

Besides podcast timestamp sharing, this audio streaming app also adds Spotify’s Canvas feature, which brings the listener experience to the next level. Spotify’s Canva feature allows you to showcase static song pages in a 3-8 second video loop, which you can post on Snapchat and Instagram stories via canvas. 

In short, you share the favorite part of a track into a video looping. Which visually looks very interesting and engaging. 

Moreover, Spotify mentioned, 40% of users discover music via social media channels. It is a report of Spotify’s survey which influenced them to focus more on user interaction and the library menu of their app. 

Thats’ why Spotify added a new clear layout menu for sharing, which represents what you are sharing, and where it goes means “ destination list.” Just preview canvas sharing to know how your videos look in social media posts. 

Moreover, Spotify also updated the social media apps and massaging. It means all your messaging and social media apps are dynamically organized as per usage, which helps you look more clear and easy to view. All the updates are available in ios and android within a few days for global users. But in India, canvas features may not be available for now. 

According to Spotify, these features help users to share specific tracks during group sessions and playlist collaboration. Which also helps you to have a good time in this app. “We continuously improve listeners’ experience to provide high-quality audios,” Spotify said. 

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