Spotify vs Amazon Music: In-depth Comparison

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Spotify vs Amazon Music: In-depth Comparison

We will all accept that Spotify is one of the best audio streaming platforms. It provides various features and facilities that are increasing its user base rapidly. Another major audio streaming platform is Amazon Music. It’s not far behind Spotify in terms of providing services. Are you also confused about choosing between these two platforms? Then keep reading the post as I will do a complete analysis of Spotify vs Amazon Music. 

We can’t directly declare one app as the winner. For this, we need to discuss both platforms’ features and services. I’ll analyze it in detail to help you choose the best platform for you. Please read the post until the end to avoid missing an important point. 

Spotify vs Amazon Music

Both platforms offer various services, and both are good. We’ll compare all the common features and know their additional features. We’ll see who wins the battle from every perspective. 

Let’s start:

Price & Plans

The price is the first thing users check before subscribing to any audio app. So, let’s compare the price of both platforms first. 

Platform Free PlanIndividual PlanFamily PlanStudent Plan
Spotify Yes$9.99/month$15.99/month $4.99/month
Amazon MusicYesFor prime members – $7.99/month
For non-prime members – $9.99/month
$14.99/monthFor Prime Members – $0.99/month
For non-prime members – $4.99/month

If you look at the chart above, you’ll get an idea of the price of both platforms. To get a more clear idea, read the description below. 

Both have a free plan that users can use with ads. 

Both have an individual plan, Spotify costs $9.99/month, and Amazon charges $7.99/month for prime users and $9.99/month for non-prime members. 

Family plans are good if you want to use Spotify on multiple devices. Spotify offers the family plan at $15.99/month, and Amazon has a little low family plan. Amazon charges $14.99/month for the plan. 

Both audio streaming platforms have a student plan that offers premium plans at discounts. Spotify’s student plan will cost you $4.99/per month. Amazon has two student plans: one for prime members, which costs $0.99/month, and the other for non-prime members, which costs $4.99/month. 

If you take premium plans, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Completely ad-free music experience.
  • Download any song and listen offline whenever you want. 
  • Play songs of high quality. 

Spotify and Amazon Music offer almost the same kind of pricing and plans. If you are a prime user, then the plans will be slightly lower than Spotify.


Content-rich platforms will always give you more to hear. To choose a platform with more content, read the description below. 

Both platforms have almost the same number of music; to be specified, 85 million on Spotify and about 90 million on Amazon music. Thousands of artists daily upload their songs on these platforms; thus, the number is increasing daily. 

Both have Podcasts on their platforms, but Spotify’s podcast list is higher than that of Amazon. Spotify has over 70000 podcasts on its platform. 

Spotify and Amazon produce songs to make them available only on their platforms. Amazon has a popular show called “Amazon Mixtape.” 

In terms of content, both are good. But if you are more into podcasts and music, then go for Spotify, and if you want to listen to old songs with some fresh vibes, Amazon is the best option. 


Companies use artificial intelligence to suggest things they like. In the same way, Spotify and Amazon music use AI to provide a great music discovery. 

Let’s talk about Spotify first- it has different playlists like “New Releases“, “Mood“, “Charts“, “Discover“, “Radar“. It recommends songs based on your listening activity. You can see that on Spotify as “Recommended Songs” along with it; it also creates playlists automatically that is – “Release Radar,” “Discover Weekly,” “Tastebreakers,” and “Made for you.” You’ll get artist recommendations from the “Fans also like” section. 

If we talk about Amazon, then it also has some automated playlists like “New Releases,” “You might like,” “Albums you like,” and “Playlists for you.”

Amazon also has “Stations for you,” “Songs for you,” and “[RE] DISCOVER.” playlist.

Amazon Music also creates playlists based on your listening habits; this playlist is known as “My Soundtrack.” Like Spotify’s artist recommendations, it has a “Related Artists” section. 

Spotify is an old player in the audio streaming industry, so it has developed the use of Artificial Intelligence in its platforms. The above description shows that Spotify has a great music discovery algorithm. 

Audio Quality

The most important thing in an audio streaming platform should be the quality of audio it provides. We’ll get to know who has better audio quality by discussing it in detail.

Spotify has five audio settings such as automatic, low, normal, high, and very high. Automatic means the audio quality will depend on your internet connection speed, and the quality improves in ascending order from low to high.

On the other hand, Amazon music has two different settings – one is WiFi, and another one is Mobile Data. You can use three audio settings on a WiFi network – Best Available, HD/Ultra HD, and Standard. If you are on mobile data, you can use four audio settings: Best Available, HD/Ultra HD, Standard, and Data Saver.

  • Low audio settings give you a 24kbps audio stream on Spotify and 24-96 kbps on Amazon Music.
  • Normal or standard mode allows users to listen to music on 96 kbps on Spotify and 128-192kbps on AmazMusic.
  • Spotify’s high and very high quality give 160 kbps and 360 kbps streaming quality, respectively.
  • Amazon Music has HD/Ultra HD audio settings ranging from 850 kbps to 3730 kbps.

You can see that Amazon Music has better audio quality than Spotify. If you want to listen to some high-quality music, then Amazon is the best option for you.


The other main thing is User-Interface; if it is good, users will surely like it. So, now let’s compare the UI of both platforms.

Spotify’s UI is the same in the app and the desktop. You can drag and drop any songs to your playlist; easily navigable options allow you to explore different features with one click.

If we talk about the UI of Amazon, it is also simple and similar to that of Spotify. You can easily navigate through various buttons.

Spotify has three buttons on the bottom panel – Home, Your Library, and Search. Amazon has four options – home, find, library and Alexa.

Both apps have filters that you can apply to a particular song. Amazon allows you to play any song in 3D, and on Spotify, you’ll also find a similar filter option from the library.

Finally, we can say that both platforms have similar interfaces, and if you are searching for a good interface, you can choose any.

Additional Features

Now, let’s see both platforms’ additional features:

Both platforms have equalizers in their platform; you can increase/decrease the bass, treble, etc., according to your needs.

You can see behind the story of any song you hear. But, both have given different names to it – on Spotify, it is known as “Storyline,” and on Amazon, it is known as “X-ray.”


The post was about Spotify vs Amazon Music, and we discussed it from every perspective. Now, you have to decide on which platform you want to use. If you liked the post, share it with your friends to help them choose between Spotify and Amazon. Thank you!

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