Spotify vs Deezer: In-depth Comparison

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Spotify vs Deezer: In-depth Comparison

Over the years, Spotify has become a renowned brand for providing quality services to its customers. There are many audio streaming platforms to choose from, so it becomes hard for users to select the best one. Deezer is also a prominent market player in the Audio streaming category. Are you also confused between Spotify vs Deezer? Then tune in; we’ll do a detailed analysis in this post. 

It’s always hard to decide between two platforms. We can’t just directly declare one side the winner. To choose the best one, we have to look at different aspects of both platforms, and we will do that in this article. 

Spotify vs Deezer – Detailed Analysis 

Both platforms have many things to offer. I’ll try to cover as many features as I can. In the end, we’ll also discuss additional features too, and I believe that will help you to select the best suitable platform for you. 

Price & Plans 

are Probably the main things we are concerned about before taking a subscription to one platform. If the platform’s plans suit our pocket, we go for it. To get a clear idea of the pricing and plans of both platforms, I’ve shared a table below. 

Audio PlatformFree PlanIndividual PlanFamily PlanStudent Plan
Spotify Yes$9.99/month$15.99/month$4.99/month
DeezerYes$10.99/month$17.99/monthIt doesn’t have a different plan but gives a 50% discount on the premium plan.

Both platforms have a free plan with ads. Spotify’s premium plan comes at $9.99/month, whereas Deezer’s cost is slightly higher and comes at $10.99/month.

Both have a family plan that you can use on multiple devices. But, there’s some difference in their pricing; Spotify’s family plan costs $15.99/month, and Deezer’s family plan is costlier as it comes at $17.99/month.

Spotify offers an individual student plan that starts at $4.99/month. On the other hand, Deezer doesn’t have any separate plans for students, but you can get 50% discounts if you are a student. 

With a premium plan, you can access the same kind of facility on both platforms:

  • Full access to all the available content. 
  • Ad free 
  • The facility to import local files. 
  • Family plan allows users to use respective platforms on multiple devices. 
  • 30 days free trial. 
  • You can download any music to listen to while offline. 

Spotify’s premium plan is cheaper than that of Deezer. If you are on a tight budget, then you can surely go for Spotify. 


Both platforms provide millions of music and audio with their premium plan. If we specify the number, Spotify has over 85 million audio, and Deezer has over 90 million audios. It’s a great chance you’ll find your favorite artists on both platforms. 

Both platforms provide podcasts to their users. Undoubtedly, Spotify has more podcasts than Deezer, but Deezer continuously adds new podcasts to its library. 

Spotify and Deezer have their content available only on their platform. If I go more in-depth, Spotify and Deezer produce songs and only make them available on their platform. 

In terms of content, both platforms are good in their way. Content won’t bother you if you subscribe to any platform. 

Audio Quality 

Quality audio is something a user wants from an audio streaming platform. Now, we’ll compare the audio quality of both platforms. 

Deezer has HiFi audio settings already available for its users. On the other hand, Spotify has promised to roll out the feature soon. 

Deezer’s free plan provides 120kbps audio streaming service, and Spotify provides better audio quality with the free version as it provides 160kbps audio streaming. 

Regarding the premium plan, both platforms provide the same quality. Both give 320 kbps audio streaming on their platforms. 

You can also download songs for offline listening in the same quality on both platforms. 

Spotify and Deezer both have equalizer settings. You can balance the equalizer according to your needs. 

If I have to pick one for the best quality audio provider, it’ll be hard as both are the same in their premium version. But Spotify’s free plan provides much better quality audio than Deezer. 


Music Discovery depends on how good a platform is using artificial intelligence. Now let’s see which platform has the best music Discovery.

Spotify creates a playlist based on your recent listening daily, “My Mix,” and Deezer also has the same functionality. Still, it is known as “Made For You” 

There’s an automatic weekly playlist on both platforms but with different names. Spotify has named it “Discover Weekly,” and Deezer shows it as “Discover.” 

Spotify creates a playlist with new songs every week named “Release Radar” 

Deezer has a playlist called “Flow,” a playlist that never ends. Deezer keeps adding songs regularly. 

Deezer also has a “Chill” playlist created according to your listening habits. 

Both have good music discovery, but I’ll give Spotify an up point as I found it more useful. 

User Interface 

A good interface always engages users and makes them more comfortable. After discussing the many features of both platforms, let’s talk about the user interface. 

Spotify has a dark theme, and Deezer’s theme is slightly brighter. 

On Deezer, you’ll find different options on Deezer like “Your favorite artists,” “Recommended playlists,” “Music By Genre,” etc. Spotify has the same functionality on its home screen, like “Made For You,” “Music By Genre,” etc. If we compare the accessibility of different functions of both platforms, then Spotify is the easiest.

You can create playlists on Spotify by just dragging and dropping. But it’ll be hard for you to create a playlist on Deezer. Some users also face the issue of crashing while making a playlist. 

In terms of the user interface, Spotify is way ahead of Deezer. It’s always been easy to use Spotify. 

Additional Features 

Now, let’s see some additional features both platforms offer. 

Spotify and Deezer both show lyrics if an artist uploads. Spotify also provides users with video-watching features on a few songs. 

You can use both platforms in car play, and Spotify has a slight edge as you can also use it with Google maps. 

Deezer has a feature to recognize a song by its tune. You can use that to find any song that you just heard. 

Deezer has reached the global market and is available in many countries; Spotify is behind in this matter.


This was the complete analysis of Spotify vs Deezer, and the verdict is on you. Analyze every feature and go for the options that match your requirements. If you want to use a free plan, then surely go for Spotify, and the premium plan is almost the same. If you want more content, then you can go for Deezer. I hope you’ll now be able to choose an audio streaming platform for you. Thank you! 

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