Spotify vs Joox Music: In-depth Comparison

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Spotify vs Joox Music: In-depth Comparison

Although Spotify has a good market value, competition is increasing daily. Many audio streaming platforms are trying to mark their places in the market. Joox is one of those audio streaming platforms that have a high potential to provide users with what they need in an audio platform. How are they different from each other? We’ll get a detailed analysis of Spotify vs Joox.

Spotify is spread worldwide, while Joox is mainly used in Asian countries. However, the question is which platform you should choose for listening to music. We’ll see that in this post.

Spotify vs Joox

We’ll see from every perspective before deciding the battle’s winner. I think this post will be enough for you to clear everything. So, let’s start:

Plans & Pricing

Price and plans are the main factors of an audio streaming platform. Users will surely subscribe to the platform if the price is considerable.

The below table shows you the plan summary of Spotify and Joox.

PlatformFree PlanIndividual Plan Family PlanStudent Plan
JooxYes$2.99/month (approx)N/AN/A

Spotify has three premium plans – Individual plan, Family Plan, and student plan that cost $9.99/month, $15.99/month, and $4.99/month, respectively.

Joox only offers individual plans, but it has three varieties – you can take subscriptions monthly, quarterly, and annually, costing an average of $2.99/month.

Joox has comparatively low subscription costs than Spotify. So, if you are on a tight budget, you can go for Joox.


There should be enough quality content in a platform so that users can search for any song, whether old or new. So, comparing content is a necessity.

Spotify has over 85 million songs on its platform, and there is a good chance that you’ll surely find your favorite songs here. Spotify keeps adding new songs daily.

Spotify also has numerous podcasts that you can listen to anywhere, anytime. Providing songs with podcasts always gives it an edge.

On the other hand, Joox has only 40 million songs on its platform. However, the numbers are increasing daily. The reason behind less availability of songs is that they are not spread worldwide; they are most popular in Asia. If you are from Asia, you’ll surely find local artists on this platform.

As you can see, Spotify is way ahead of Joox regarding content. If you want to experience good content, then Spotify is the best choice.


Music Discovery is a must-need facility as it suggests songs to the users based on their interests. 

Spotify has some great automated playlists like My Mix and Weekly Playlists. It also provides a year wrap-up at the end of every year.

The suggestions of artists are applaudable on Spotify. There is always a good chance to listen to new artists.

Joox has some playlists such as Radio, Featured Artists, and Editor’s pick. Humans generate the editor’s pick playlist after noticing music trends.

Although you can create a playlist independently, Spotify allows you to add any song to that playlist just by drag and drop.

Both have amazing music Discovery, but I’ll opt for Spotify.

Audio Quality

Quality audio immerses users into the deep sea of music. So, you’ll always think about the audio quality before taking a subscription.

Both have a free plan, allowing listeners to listen to songs with ads and restricted features. Spotify and Joox give users streaming of 160 kbps and 96 kbps, respectively, on the free version.

If you upgrade to the premium version, you will surely get some enhancement in the audio quality. Spotify allows its users to experience 320 kbps streaming quality. Joox also gives you 320 kbps audio streaming quality. 

Both have the same quality of audio streaming as the premium versions. But, I suggest you go for Spotify as it has a slight edge over Joox in terms of Audio quality.


User-Interface, shortly called UI, is something that makes the platform look attractive. Before anything else, the UI should be clean and clear. Who has the better UI? Let’s check:

Spotify has a dark theme, and Joox has a lighter theme. But both look attractive.

Spotify’s easy-to-navigate options make it easy for its users to use the different features. You’ll find three important options – Home, Library, and Search on the bottom sidebar.

On Joox, you have to click on your profile photo to access all the features, but you can see artists and playlists options on the home page.

You’ll find the Joox UI better using the free version, as the ads won’t interrupt you while listening to music. Spotify keeps playing ads after each song, but Joox has only banner ads that don’t interrupt you.

If you want to use the free version, Joox is a better option, but if you are ready to pay, please subscribe to Spotify.

Additional Features

Now, let’s see what else these platforms have to offer.

Spotify’s feature of importing local files is always a plus point, and Joox lacks behind in this matter. If you want to listen to any audio or song, you don’t need to move to the default music player; you can import that song to Spotify instead.

Spotify’s car play is the best option if you want to listen to music in your car, but Joox doesn’t have this feature.

Joox has a short video feature where users can upload their videos. Although Spotify doesn’t have that feature, it provides music videos for some songs.

Joox also has a live broadcasting feature where artists can connect directly to listeners via the Joox app. But Spotify misses out on this feature.

Both apps allow their users to share their favorite songs directly through social media, or they can copy links to share the song anywhere they want.


In this post, we discussed everything about Spotify vs Joox and tried to clear your doubt. I hope you have now made up your mind to select a platform. If you still have questions, feel free to drop them in the comments; I’ll surely try to help you.

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